Saturday, 6 March 2010


A bright day so we decided to visit Brodie Castle and have a walk round the lake and visit the shrubbery garden. There was still ice on most of the lake, but around the edge I noticed spikes of iris coming through
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I like the reflections in this shot. The duck were sliding about on the ice in their attempt to get to the lake side in case we had food for them. over
The dogs lead the way.

More reflections. In the summer we often see fish resting in this shallow pool.

I have to confess to being a bit of a tree hugger. I love this gnarled old oak tree.

I have no idea what this little tree is but it has some strange little yellow buds opening. If any of the gardeners out there have any idea what it is I would love to know.

Another shot of the mystery tree.

Soft, furry, silver buds breaking through on a willow tree.

Brodie Castle taken from the garden.


Lindy MacDuff said...

Looks like a lovely place to stroll and see things waking up to the warmer temperatures. My guess is that Bryan and Jarvis had a wonderful time getting familiar with all the new smells that were calling to them. =)

Beautiful reflections in the lake and pool. I like the gnarled tree. Enlarging the photo allows one to really see its personality.

Wish I could identify the yellow buds for you but I cannot. Looking at the number of buds, it will no doubt be gorgeous when it pops.

This particular view of Brodie Castle reminds me - a little - of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

Another great tour, Chris - thanks!

ms toast burner said...

I know the mystery tree as a cornelian cherry but when I googled to make sure, I've learned that that's its North American name. On your side of the pond it's a European Cornel.

Some pics I found on the web in various seasons:

Lovely area and photos, Chris. It looks very similar to an area near me... but with a big ol' castle! Sigh... ;-)

Pyatshaw said...

A real fairy tale castle!

Happyone :-) said...

I haven't seen any buds or signs of flowers here yet. I love old trees too!

Chris said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
ms toastburner, thank you for identifying the tree for me. I looked it up and found lots of info. I'll maybe take a photo when it produces it's fruit. If you pop over to Scotland you can rent an apartment in Brodie Castle for a holiday.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for taking us along with you on your walk. It looks gorgeous. I too love the old misshapen tree... Something neat about it... I love the reflection picture also. Brodie Castle looks fabulous...

Thanks again for the walk.

ruthie said...

Hi chris, im back for a loong over due visit. Your photos always make me feel i have been out for a stroll, I love that you are a bit of a tree hugger, me to, they are such beautiful things. th castle is a beauty! hope all is well with you & yours , x ruthie

Andrea said...

That's a very beautiful environment you are in, walking around will be a bliss. When many provinces in our country have been suffering from lack of water, lands cracking and crops totally dried, they are now declared calamity areas, and there you are in deep snow. What is happening to the world. If rain will still come in May or June, even our water for drinking will be at risk, haaaaayyyy!

George said...

Thanks for taking us with you to the castle. It's nice to see some signs of Spring -- we're still waiting in our part of the world. The castle looks like a perfect place for a walk.
Thanks for your birthday wishes.

Linda said...

Brrr, snow still lingering with you. Perhaps it's gone by now - I'm really behind with blog visiting what with one thing and another (latest being that son is coming home from uni because he's got mumps...).

Glad your mystery tree was identified. I was thinking along the lines of a prunus.