Friday, 26 February 2010


In a previous blog I told you about the Pondarosa Cafe on our Scottish beach. Below is a shot of Greg in the garden of the cafe with the Chinese statue, yes thats right, Chinese. Chinese, Pondarosa, Scottish beach, very strange. Click on pictures to enlarge.
Some visitors looking at the fountain outside the cafe.

Icicles on the fountain

The cold weather has never really gone but at least we had a few days free of snow. Not for long, as this picture shows the cold outlook from just outside my garden

Icicles on the cliff and snow on the beach. Just to the left of this shot at the base of the cliff is a cave where it is said people lived at one time. There is also a local tale that a tunnel goes from this cave all the way to Duffus Castle. I couldn't get a shot of the cave entrance from where I was on top of the cliff but will take some shots from the beach at a later date.

A sea stack. The gull are gathering and will soon be nesting here.

During my walk today I looked out for animal tracks in the fresh snow. These are fox tracks.

I wonder if the fox was following this rabbit who left his tracks for me to find.

And now tractor tracks. A farm worker was ploughing in the next field.

Here is a view of the snow capped Bin of Cullen beyond Lossie forest. We often walk in the forest which has endless tracks and paths that lead to the beach or through the trees.

A view of Ben Rinnes covered in snow. Duffus Castle is in the bottom left corner of the shot.


PurestGreen said...

Just beautiful. I love the tractor tracks best of all.

Pyatshaw said...

Will our winter ever end this year?
We have very little snow in our village and Perth has none at all yet within a few miles roads were blocked and power lines down......................And just why is that cafe named The Ponderosa??? it a cowboy outfit?

Happyone :-) said...

Terrific shots!!
It appears lots of places are getting more snow than usual this year. We all will really enjoy spring and warmer weather!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I can almost feel the cold wind through the computer screen!!

ms toast burner said...

Ponderosa Beach Cafe just gets more and more interesting! And is that a palm tree behind Greg?

Fantastic photos in this and the previous posts. That sunset below is stunning!

Chris said...

Thank you all for your comments, I'm always pleased to hear from you. Anne, I get you point about the Pondarosa being a cowboy outfit, but, in fact it's a great place and very reasonable prices.
ms toastburner Well done for spotting the palm tree, they do very well in our semi-tropical climate Ha!

George said...

I'm very impressed with the Chinese-Scottish setting of the Pondarosa Cafe. I enjoy your wintry pictures, although I imagine you are ready for Spring. I know that I am!

Andrea said...

Hi i am new here, just followed one of your comments. I am always fascinated by the landscapes of Scotland, so added your link in my site. I specifically love the wide angle landscapes of the countryside, but your former farm photos are lovely. Maybe i lived in Scotland in my previous lifetime, hehe! There is a group of islands north of our country, not very accessible to many, which we sometimes say little Scotland or little Ireland because of its landscapes. thanks.

jabblog said...

I love the icicles on the fountain. I know you're probably fed up to the back teeth with all the snow and the cold - have you had power cuts too? - but it all looks so fantastically beautiful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Chris, NO---Winter is not over, is it???? Love the last two pictures showing the snow-capped mountains. I also enjoyed seeing the tracks in the snow. Beautiful icicles also.

Glad to be home!!!!!

Thanks for the great pictures from Scotland!!! WOW!!!

Lindy MacDuff said...

Greg must have a sense of humor like my hubby - trying to become part of the surrounding scenery! Cute!

The icicles on the fountain are gorgeous. I'm glad I don't have to count the ones on the cliff side!

I could definitely learn to love the view from your garden.

Great shots of the tracks. I like the shadows they create. Is that Bryan's tail I see in the photo of the tractor tracks?

Beautiful snow-capped mountains. I really enjoy your blog, Chris!

Chris said...

Hello Andrea, thanks for visiting. I'm glad you enjoy my Scottish pictures. I have had a quick look at your blog and will pop over again fo more of your lovely flowers later.
Linday MacDuff, well done for spotting Bryans tail in the tractor track shot. You can be sure he and Jarvis are nearly always somewhere close by.

SquirrelQueen said...

I'm glad I read the comments, you've already answered my question about the palm tree. I like the way Greg seems to be trying to match the lion's smile.

Great photos, I love seeing the fox tracks.

Karen said...

Beautiful, beautiful photographs. I feel as if I'm standing beside you!

Linda said...

Lovely shot of Ben Rinnes - it's always so imposing covered by snow.