Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The snow had gone and was replaced by mud, however the sun was shining, the sea was blue and the dogs needed to be walked, so we headed out across the field. We met the new boys in the field next door. They are tups (male sheep) of various breeds . There are about a dozen in the field. I like the brown and white one. Click on pictures to enlarge them.
Two of my friends dogs are staying with us for a while. Here is Louis at full stretch, running back up the field watched by my Jarvis.
At the bottom of the field we can access the cliff path. Today the tide was going out and gulls were resting on the rocks

Heading back up the opposite side of the field, Jarvis and Louis are still together and Brian just visible bottom right. This is when I get to use my leg muscles

We were treated to a display by a Tornado aircraft from the nearby RAF base.

This is our cottage tucked in below the hill top. Visible in the distance is Lossiemouth and St. James church spire and the tower with red tiled roof of St. Gerardines can be seen

Louis looking wet and windblown but very happy.
Jarvis, backed by blue sea and sky waits for me to catch up.

Later on that afternoon we were treated to this amazing sunset.


Sunny said...

Your pictures are such a delight to see.
I'm a 'sheephaholic' so I absolutely love the first one! The plane must have been spectacular to see in person and the sunset is gorgeous.
Louis and Jarvis are so cute. The shot of Jarvis is priceless.
Sunny :)

Frank said...

This series of images is fabulous. I saw the sheep and thought they looked cool, but your shots of the field and dogs are just great. I especially like the shot that just shows the top of your place.

The giant bales are hay??

The real bonus was the Tornado jet passing over...hard to put it together with the other shots. Amazing.

Nice post, Chris!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Chris, You live in a beautiful place!!!! I'm so impressed... And that sunset is marvelous!!!! Thanks for sharing.

PurestGreen said...

I just love these photos - the beautiful golden warmth of the fields. Great contrasts and colour.

Anonymous said...

You're having such nice weather! It's been so dull and cloudy down my end of the country. I love the second shot, with the hay bales, and the delighted dog :)

jabblog said...

What a lovely walk you had with the dogs. I love the sheep - I like their roman noses. Scottish sheep are so much cleaner than sheep further south.
Your sunset was truly glorious - hope it wasn't too cold a night to follow!

Chris said...

Once again I am thrilled to get such lovely comments from you all. I know how lucky we are to live here and enjoy sharing with you.
Frank. The giant bales are straw, there was a crop of barley in the field last year. Lots of barley is grown in our area for the whiskey industry. The local farmer uses the straw for his cattle bedding. The bales also make good places for me to shelter behind on days when the wind is biting cold, caught in a shower.

Lindy MacDuff said...

It's so nice to see the beautiful sky again. Looks like it was a marvelous day for you and the dogs. They look as happy as can be. =D

That's quite a hill you must climb/descend to get to your cottage, but what a view! And what a striking sunset! I haven't seen one that colorful in a long time.

Neil Tasker said...

Great sequence of pics Chris. The contrast in colour and texture in the straw bales pic is just brilliant..... but I think the sheep with its arse pointing towards you is trying to tell you something......

George said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk through the fields. We're finally getting some sun today, and the snow is starting to melt. I'm looking forward to getting outside. Your sunset is gorgeous.

Chris said...

The sheep, in true male fashion, is showing off his assets.

Di said...

Chris, your photos are wonderful! I love the field shots, and especially the one with the 3 round bales. Your ocean with lava rock photo looks similarly to areas off the Oregon coast... and the dogs are simply too cute. ;)

Karen said...

What beautiful, beautiful photographs. The sky in them all is simply glorious!

SquirrelQueen said...

What a beautiful series of photos Chris, you live in a really wonderful place. One of my favorites is the dogs running through the field. Seeing the hay bales reminds me of our area in the fall. And that gorgeous sunset is a great way to end a day.