Sunday, 18 July 2010


Whilst on holiday near Ullapool on the west coast of Scotland a few weeks ago, we enjoyed a boat trip out towards the Summer Isles.
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Below is a shot of Ullapool taken just as we were leaving the harbour.
Who's watching who? The seal seems to be enjoying our visit
Grey Seals and Common Seals (smaller)

Rocks, water and mountains make me happy.

A view down Loch Broom as we sail back int harbour.


Sunny said...

What a lovely trip. I love the seals on the rocks and seaweed. Beautiful scenery :)
☼ Sunny
P.S. In regards to the plywood bear, a few people decorate their yards with bears, deer, etc. Either they enjoy it or they like to fool other people, haha!

Andrea said...

Thanks for letting us be with your adventure. I particularly have some dreams of seeing Scotland. Our Batanes islands, in the Northernmost tip of the Philippines, with very limited access to tourists, are somehow compared to the landscapes of Scotland. I've been there 2x and somehow dreaming i've reached Scotland. But of course we dont have seals, hehe. Your photos are all so beautiful and well composed, awesome!

happyone said...

Love all the photos. How nice to be able to get so close to the seals!!
I really need to get back to Scotland someday.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Chris, What a great boat ride you all had... Looks like that entire holiday was fabulous... Love seeing the mountains, the seals, and the rocks. Gorgeous!!!


Lindy said...

What a wonderful experience, to be on the boat and get these spectacular photos of the seals and the landscape. Your first and last photos, in particular, are even more stunning when clicked on. I feel like I am right there, taking it all in. =)

Ruthie Redden said...

Oh, you got to see seals, im so envious! such beautiful creatures, i have been making wee seal sculptures this week, inspired by the ones i saw on skye last year!

ms toast burner said...

Awwww, I never tire of seeing seals... they're just so sweet!

Looks like you had a lovely boat ride. Everything looks so different from the water.

D said...

Chris, such a beautiful site! Having been to Scotland twice, I could feel being there again through your wonderful photos.

We have an area on the coast, 11 miles north of Florence, Oregon where the seals are plentiful! They enjoy their own 'Sea Lion cave'. These seals are called Steller Sea Lions and are known as an eared seal. Having been down in the caves many times with friends and family members who visit us, we prefer them from a distance. It can take your breathe away in closed quarters. ;)

Linda said...

I've always wanted to take that boat trip. It looks so beautiful, even on a grey day.