Monday, 2 August 2010


We visited the beautiful Leckmelm Gardens near Ullapool during our holiday in June. The gardens are restored Victorian gardens set on the sloping shore of Loch Broom. Winding pathways meander through glades of Azalea and Rhododendrons. Many specimens of rare trees flourish and the ground supports an abundance of ferns, primula and wild flowers. The scent in spring is amazing.
Greg is enjoying his walk round the gardens.
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Sunshine on a tree.
Most of the trees and plants are labeled, but I couldn't find a name for this beauty .

Primulas and ferns compliment each other

One of the many little paths that invites exploration.

Death of a giant. I almost wept when I saw this great Weeping Beech that had become a victim of last winters terrible weather. Below is a photo of it in all it's glory when we visited two years ago. The gardeners have planted climbing plants around the old tree and planted ferns and other plants in nooks and crannies on the tree so that in a few years it will be a beautiful feature in the garden in a different way
The Weeping Birch in all it's former glory.

Azaleas above bluebells

These dead trees have been planted around with ivy and carved into the shape of chairs and still play a decorative and useful role in the garden

The "chair trees" seen from behind.

The day after visiting the gardens we headed north of Ullapool to visit Knockan Crag. This place is unusual because contrary to what is usual, the rocks here are older at the surface and younger further down. This was caused when continents collided and the rocks were crumpled and lifted. On and around Knockan Crag or numerous sculptures one of which Greg is going to roll down the mountain side. (I managed to stop him Phew!)

The, not very good, view from on the Crag, due to mist and drizzle.