Thursday, 28 January 2010


There's nothing quite like a seaside holiday town in the rain. The west beach at Lossiemouth looks pretty dismal, the lighthouse barely visible through the mist and rain but two hardy souls are walking their dogs on the beach. If you click on the picture you will spot them. Greg and I enjoyed coffee and home bakes in the beach cafe called The Pondarosa, yes that's right Pondarosa.
Would you fancy dipping your toes in this water?
On the west beach plenty of vacant picnic tables and benches, roll on summer.

This little Roebuck and his pal came to visit the other morning. The shot is a bit hazy because the window was steamed up. The deer come by quite often but of course as soon as you appear at a window they run away so I was pleased to get a shot of this one.

Remember the Hichcock film The Birds. Well we could have provided plenty of
players from this lot who were feeding on the field at the back of the cottage. Mostly Rooks and Jackdaws with some Pigeons and gulls too
I don't know what scared them, don't think it was me, but look at the chaos as they took to the air. Do they ever collide with each other? There are one or two near misses amongst this lot. Click on this and the next shots and see if you can spot them.

Looking like black snow as they get higher in the sky.

They circled the field and came back to feed again.


Happyone :-) said...

Wow, that's a lot of birds. I can see why it made you think of The Birds.
They make for a great picture.

jabblog said...

Lovely shots, Chris. We prefer the seaside in winter - nice and empty :-)
Lucky you to have deer regularly visiting - perhaps not if they eat any precious plants.
Fantastic number of birds - it is pretty amazing there aren't more collisions.

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Lovely pictures. I also love a beach in the winter - something so very "back to nature" about it. The deep breathes you take at that time of year seem more fulfilling!

Linda said...

Thanks for the tip about the cafe in Lossie!

Your wide winter skies are beautiful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Chris, That is a huge bunch of birds. Glad I don't get that many at my backyard feeders. HA!!!! YES---I remember that scary movie!!!!

Beautiful place ---and I'd probably be walking on the beach, no matter how cold it was!!!! SO pretty....

Thanks for sharing.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore the seaside in winter. My favourite time to visit. These photographs are gorgeous.

George said...

I can't help but wonder how a cafe on your side of the pond got the name Ponderosa. But the beach looks inviting even in the rain and mist. I'm glad all those birds didn't carry you away.

ms toast burner said...

Ponderosa, haha! I wonder if the alternatives were 'Cartwright Cafe' or 'Bonanza Beach Cafe.' ;-)

Another creature that comes to your window, how fortunate are you? That's wonderful. I'm glad you got the photo, Chris.

I love the birds shots!

Karen said...

I love the seaside in winter. Sure were a lot of birds, though. I wonder what they were feeding on. . .

Chris said...

Thanks once again for your comments. We are lucky to have empty beaches to walk along and there are always empty beaches to be found here in summer too. I will post some pictures later.
Linda I hope you will manage a trip to the Pondarosa soon, they do great cake.
Karen, the birds go for worms, grubs etc. and also there is some barley grain left behind after the harvest.

Lindy MacDuff said...

I like your photo of the deer. They sound like they are as skittish as my cardinal birds. So, I'm glad you were able to capture a shot!

That is A LOT of birds! It would only seem natural that some might collide. The sky is really peppered with them. I imagine they were quite noisy.

SquirrelQueen said...

I might not dip my toes in the water but I would love to take a stroll along that beach. The shot of the deer is great, they are so skittish it is hard to capture them in a photo.

I can see why the flock of birds made you think of the Hitchcock film, that's a lot of wings.

Di said...

Great photos Chris! and indeed it does look like "The Birds"... still remember that movie rather vividly.

We love walking along the beach despite inclement weather; there is something cleansing about that wind and salt air.

Sunny said...

There's something so lonely about a beach in the rain but there is beauty in the starkness.
That's an amazing amount of birds and looks like a scene right out of the movie.
Great pictures, Chris.
Sunny :)

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